Obama’s Top Ten

The use of a “top ten list” has become a popular method for expressing disapproval of the actions or beliefs of a famous individual. In this article I present such a list comprised of the top ten ways that Barack Obama is attempting to destroy the United States of America. By that I mean of course not that the President desires the physical destruction of the American homeland or the annihilation of its people, but rather I speak of his intention to replace the Constitutional Republic devised by our Founders – which, it is completely evident, Mr. Obama holds in contempt – by a statist, collectivist, egalitarian and universalistic nation as envisioned by Alinsky, Cloward-Piven or Soros. I have no doubt that this President, to whom the American public so foolishly entrusted the ship of state, believes that Madison’s Republic – based on limited government, individual freedom, free market capitalism, the morals of Western Civilization, national sovereignty and the rule of law – is deeply flawed and should be replaced by a more enlightened model according to his radical concept of liberty, equality and universal brotherhood. Based on his actions during the last two years, I present here Barack’s top ten ways of achieving his goal:

#10. Replace classic American policies – both foreign and domestic – that are focused on what’s best for America and its allies in the world by policies designed to promote a homogenized world of “one” people, global government and open borders. Obama’s pursuit of Cap and Trade, support for amnesty for illegal aliens, slavish belief in the perils of global warming and his courting of Islamic countries all bear witness to his devotion to this cause.

#9. Convert (what’s left of) America’s laissez-faire, capitalistic economy into a centrally managed, pseudo-socialistic, crony capitalist system. From his demonization of American business and its corporate executives to his ‘redistribute the wealth’ comment to Joe the Plumber, the evidence of Obama’s socialist world view abounds.

#8. Delegitimize the concept of American exceptionalism. Obama began his Presidency with a world apology tour and he has continued to never miss an opportunity to denigrate US history, emphasize our historical faults and current flaws, bow to foreign leaders (even despots) and to deny that the country he leads has any special role to play in defending freedom at home or around the world.

#7. Nationalize. Obama has nationalized banks and financial institutions, educational establishments, car companies, parts of the housing and insurance industries and of course the health care system. Barack has gone as far as he can go, in his limited time in office, to bring the US economy under the control of the Federal Government.

#6. Defang the military. He has cut defense spending, reduced the size of the navy and air force, gutted missile defense, signed a harmful agreement (the new START treaty) with belligerent Russians and in the most diabolical action of all, attempted to demoralize the armed services by deploying its forces against an enemy that he refuses to name, without adequate resources and intelligence and with one foot constantly out the door. In addition he does nothing to keep pace with the aggressive military build-up by the Chinese.

#5. Subvert the rule of law. Obama blithely ignores the Constitution when it suits him – or, he invokes it to justify clearly unconstitutional activities (e.g., Obamacare). He ignores court orders (e.g., Judge Vinson in Florida) and refuses to enforce the law of the land (DOMA) when it conflicts with his views. He appoints czars without subjecting them to Congressional approval, interprets thought (i.e., hate) crimes as only applicable to crimes committed by whites against minorities, encourages his allies in Congress to violate Congressional rules and he runs arguably the least transparent administration in US history.

#4. Renounce American leadership. The list is long and includes: celebrating thugs like Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Putin; betraying loyal friends (Israel, Britain, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Poland); curtseying to Islamic princes; refusing to commit the US to action unless part of a broad coalition of “equals”; abrogating agreements negotiated by previous administrations and apologizing for America’s role as the unique world superpower. He wishes to reduce the stature of our country to at best one among a series of world leaders.

#3. Trash American culture. Obama and his minions have worked tirelessly to: disparage historical American culture – especially its Christian components; promote multiculturalism; rescind DADT; and encourage abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia and all manner of perversions to undercut the American family. They sweeten their multicultural stew with race baiting (the Cambridge cop incident), a failure to recognize the poison that is seeping into American society from Islamic radicals and an unwillingness to advance the assimilation of new immigrants (legal or otherwise) into American culture.

#2. Expand the government. The left seeks to increase the role of the Federal Government in every conceivable aspect of American society. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank are of course the most egregious examples; but Obama is pushing hard to have the Feds take command of American education, energy, transportation and finance. When legislation is out of reach, expanded regulation plays an equally important role in the effort (the EPA declaring carbon dioxide a harmful pollutant being a prime example). Then there is card check, the revocation of the spectacularly successful 1990s welfare reform and unholy alliances with subversive organizations like ACORN. Eventually no American will be able to make any move that escapes the watchful eye of Uncle Sam.

And (drum roll), number one is…

#1. Spend, borrow and tax until the dollar is worthless, the economy is in shambles and the economic future of our children and grandchildren is totally compromised. Barack has run up the deficit and exploded the national debt. He is debasing the currency, courting severe inflation, causing high unemployment, and willfully ignoring the oncoming economic chaos that his policies are guaranteed to produce. He apparently expects that eventually the people will have no choice but to surrender their freedom to an all encompassing Federal Government that will “rescue the nation.”

Barack has been diligently working his way up and down the list. In a few places, he has succeeded quite well; in many others, his success has been much less pronounced; and here and there, he has experienced serious blowback from the American people. In fact, given the resentment his agenda has aroused in much of the electorate – as expressed in last fall’s Congressional and State elections – it is likely that he is already past the high point of what he might hope to accomplish in a first term. Presidents are typically far less successful in moving their agendas in a second term than in a first; so even if he wins reelection, the high point of his radical remake of America might already be in the past.

Alas, that might bring scant comfort to freedom-loving Americans. Our country has been morphing slowly over the last century from the Constitutional Republic bequeathed to us by Washington, Jefferson and Madison into the neo-Marxian nirvana envisioned by Obama. During that gruesome slide, the US has experienced periodic, severe jumps to the left – under Wilson, FDR, LBJ and perhaps now BHO. Thus, I fear that we are perilously close to Sowell’s “tipping point”; the place at which the transformation of our society will have progressed so far, that it will be impossible to return it to its Constitutional moorings. If so, even the relatively few successes that Obama has enjoyed could be enough to spell our doom. I hope not. But, either way, I suspect that we shall know rather soon.
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