Ron’s Books

LHCBPolitics. Liberal Hearts and Conservative Brains.

Click the link or the picture to learn about my examination of the famous aphorism — attributed variously to Disraeli, Churchill and others — to wit, If you are young and not liberal, you have no heart; but if you are old and not conservative, you have no brain. See whether the assertion holds up to scrutiny and if so, how it manifests. Interweaved throughout the narrative are brief snippets from my life experiences that are directly related to the aphorism.

Lipsman_mathSelf-help Financial Math. You Can Do the Math.

Click the link or the picture to learn about my still-selling (more than nine years since publication) tour through the financial decisions of your life. I show how to overcome math phobia and use simple arithmetic in order to make cogent and profitable decisions about: saving, investing, taxes, buying (or leasing) cars and homes, insurance, credit, gambling and retirement.

Math and Software

The pictures below are two samples from the list of ‘math and software’ books that I have co-authored with several colleagues at the University of Maryland. Click here for a complete list.