The Best One-Term President?

I was working on an essay entitled “Perhaps the Best One-Term President in a Century,” In which I compared Trump favorably to the previous five one-term presidents: Taft, Hoover, Ford, Carter, Bush I. I think I made a compelling case that Trump’s achievements easily beat those of any of the other five. And then he incites an insurrection!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It is tragic that the achievements: a robust economy; significant economic improvement  in America’s working class; massive federal deregulation; peace deals in the Middle East; awakening of the public to the threat posed by China; and fostering of American energy independence; these will be overshadowed by his narcissistic, adolescent, undisciplined and paranoid behavior. He fouled his own nest and his actions led directly to the leftist takeover of the reins of government. Moreover, he has enhanced the possibility of a permanent Democratic/Progressive majority in America. Woe is us – lovers of liberty!