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3/8/15: “ It is really difficult to believe that Obama cannot  see that the US does not need any of his radical transformation, that it is only his ego and  philosophy which motivate him to promote his aberrations.  If Obama were truly as  brilliant as Valerie Jarrett, for example, thinks he is, then he would see that the social  pressures within the US, combined with this brilliantly designed political system, have been  working just fine these 230 or so years to produce the best living conditions in this world.” Luis Howard commenting on Blind Hatred Meets Self-Hatred Meets Alienation.

3/8/15: “In a country predicated upon the concept of government of the people, by the people and for the people, a government established by the Founding Fathers which presupposes — indeed requires — virtue, common sense and enlightened self-interest on the part of the individual citizen who derives his rights from nature and God rather than from the government, the ultimate responsibility for how the affairs of the country are conducted — including of course the kind of men and women elected to office — is in the hands of the citizenry rather than in the hands of the counter-revolutionary extremists that have stalked our government, whether in the White House, the Congress, the courts or the media for the past one hundred years. If the citizenry does not have the moxie or inclination to “throw the bums out,” then it is the reason for this disinclination which will be the underlying cause of the failure of our revolutionary republic as conceived by its founders, not to mention the fate of our very way of life. Everything you have stated about Obama and his ilk concerning our country and European civilization is true, but this is only the symptom of a deadly underlying disease, just as a fever and cough are symptoms of an underlying bacterial pulmonary infection.” Bill Meisler commenting on Blind Hatred Meets Self-Hatred Meets Alienation.

12/7/13: “I believe Obama belongs behind door (3).  He has spent his life associating with numerous communists.  His parents were communists.  His maternal grandparents raised him most of his life.  His grandfather chose Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in the USA, to be Barack’s mentor.  By his own admission, Obama chose Marxists professors when he was in college.  After he became president, he chose Van Jones, an avowed communist, to be one of his czars.  I could continue, but I don’t have the time.” B. Van Zandt commenting on the blog entry: Do the Obamacrats Really Believe the Economic Garbage they Espouse?

11/14/13: “Well, I think this Article would fit in … ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show (he likes this kind of stuff) … [it’s] hysterical …”  Deb H. commenting on the blog entry: Obama’s Lying is Actually Cause for Optimism