Book Reviews

Below is a list of book reviews. I have chosen a few recent books that I found very impressive and that have had great impact. Periodically, I will add to the list as new important books appear. For each entry, the book cover link will take you to its site on; the title link will take you to the review; the author link will take you to that author’s web site (if there is one); and the reviewer link will take you to the reviewer’s site (again, if it exists).

SilentRevolutionCoverBarry Rubin’s The Silent Revolution; reviewed by Lloyd Billingsley in Front Page Magazine.




David Archibald’s The Twilight of Abundance; reviewed by Terrasa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom.Net.



GlickBookCaroline Glick‘s The Israeli Solution: a One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East; reviewed by Spengler in the Asia Times. Here is a second review by Evelyn Gordon in the June 2014 issue of Commentary Magazine.


hannanDaniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom; reviewed by Barton Swaim in the Wall Street Journal.


krauthammerCharles Krauthammer’s Things That Matter; reviewed by Peter Wehner (of the Ethics and Public Policy Center) in the Nov 13 online issue of Commentary Magazine.

LibertyAmendMark Levin‘s The Liberty Amendments; reviewed by Thomas Lifson (editor and publisher of The American Thinker).



AfterAmericaMark Steyn‘s After America; reviewed by Ray Hartwell in the Washington Times.




George Gilder‘s The Israel Test; reviewed by Yours Truly in The American Thinker.


SecretKnowledgeDavid Mamet‘s The Secret Knowledge; reviewed by Andrew Klavan in the Wall Street Journal.