Government Coercion

The arrogance of the Obama administration knows no bounds. First, it simply announces that under the mandate of Obamacare, religious-based organizations will have to provide health insurance benefits that violate the moral precepts of their religion. Then, when surprised by the blowback that Obama’s audacity of dopiness engenders, the President magnanimously allows that said organizations will not have to include the offensive features in their health care package; but said features will have to be offered FREE OF CHARGE by the health insurance provider.

One wonders if he is obtuse enough not to realize that the insurance company will simply raise its other fees to cover the “free benefit” – thereby spreading the cost to others who may have no dog in the fight. Or if he understands this and is simply arrogant enough to think that if he can unconstitutionally mandate that individuals must buy a product (health insurance), then he can also mandate that a business must give away one of its products for free.

What’s next?

  • Every employer that provides life insurance coverage to employees must include suicide benefits in its coverage. If that offends the sensibilities of the employer, then the life insurance company will provide the benefit free of charge.
  • Every employer that provides disability insurance to employees must include benefits for disabilities incurred from dangerous activities such as skydiving. If the employer objects, then the disability insurance company will provide the benefit free of charge.
  • All banks that pay interest on savings accounts must guarantee a rate of return that Ben Bernanke says is fair. If they don’t, depositors get the Bernanke rate and the Federal Reserve will fund it.
  • All workers must join a union, except that if the employer has no collective bargaining agreement with any union, then workers will automatically receive annual cost of living wage increases that Bernanke decrees appropriate, and it will be funded from the federal treasury.
  • President Obama will receive at least 51% of the votes cast in November 2012 in every state. Any state that fails to comply will be expelled from the Union.
  • World peace will be declared on December 31, 2012. Any violation will be dealt with by a committee consisting of Joe Biden, Eric Holder and Kathleen Sibelius.
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