Romney’s N.O. Victory is Not a Good Sign

Mitt Romney is to 2012 what John McCain was in 2008, what Bob Dole was in 1996 and what George H.W. Bush was in 1988. Namely, it’s his turn. Republicans have a sorry history of nominating for President the person who is perceived to be “next in line.” Little consideration is given to the candidate’s conservative credentials, to his electability, or to whether his rivals are more qualified or would make a better president.

Each instance of this phenomenon has resulted in disaster. Dole’s turn perpetuated the debauched, liberal presidency of Bill Clinton. McCain’s turn resulted in the most radical, left-wing presidency in American history. And although Bush the elder won his race, he proceeded to betray the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan and set the country anew on the road to a bipartisan ruin that is bearing fruit today.

Romney, if not a RINO, is certainly no heir to Ronald Reagan. All one has to say is: “Massachusetts Health Care.” Why in heaven’s name would the Republican Party want to have him as its standard bearer when there are truly conservative, exciting alternatives available who might be able to reverse the horrendous course our country is on? I am thinking of Mike Pence, Paul Ryan or Rick Perry.

But no, it’s Mitt’s turn. If he gets the nod, either he will crash and burn like Dole or McCain, giving Obama another four years to further encase America in the socialist box he is constructing for us; or Mitt will somehow win and then govern like the Bushes – a big government Republican who will do nothing to reverse America’s slide toward Euro-socialism. On the contrary, I fear that, as he did in Massachusetts, he will foster the slide.

What can I say: I am having a fit about Mitt!