Is the President a Closet Muslim?

Late at night, in the Lincoln bedroom, does the President of the United States whip out a prayer rug, drop to his knees and profess his obedience to Allah? According to recent polls, somewhere between 20 and 25 percent of the American people believe that he does. What an astounding development! Nearly seventy five million Americans think that our President is a follower of a faith that demeans Christianity and Judaism, that is the inspiration for world-wide Jihad against Western Civilization, that has contributed virtually nothing to the history, culture and politics of our nation and whose adherents around the globe consider themselves at war with our country.

How amazing! The American people have installed in the White House a man about whom it knows remarkably little – and more astonishingly, a man who little understands the nature of the people he governs. Surely the election of this enigmatic man to the Presidency must be one of, if not the most colossal blunder(s) that the American people have ever collectively made. The people entrusted the Presidency to an individual who expresses scorn for the nation’s history, who purposefully weakens the fabric of society and who steers its economic course directly toward bankruptcy. This expression of trust seems almost like an act of madness and self-flagellation by the American people.

Perhaps enough of us have woken up to the horrendous mistake we made so that the intention to terminate the madness will bear fruit in 2012. That will not change the fact that Barack Hussein Obama will always be listed as the 44th President of the United States. The blow to our self-confidence as a people – given the monumental blunder that we have made, the fact of which we will never be able to erase – will be felt for decades.

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